HYROX Anaheim – Men/Women Recap & Who’s Going To Nice | Luca Brings Us HYROX Live Stream | DEKA Idaho Teams Update

Explore HYROX, DEKA FIT, and other hybrid fitness trends on the Hybrid Fitness Media Podcast. Join insightful discussions with athletes, event directors, and industry insiders for valuable information and entertainment. Stay tuned for engaging content about the dynamic world of hybrid fitness!

Anthony Peressini from The Hybrid Engine, Dave Claxton from OFX, and Matt B. Davis discuss the hybrid topics of the week.

Special guests – Katie Duke, Dylan Scott, Greyson Kilgore

Sponsor Mention: We are stoked to welcome back Resolute Coffee as a sponsor. Brian and team are athletes and members of the hybrid community. Use code HFM20 for 20 percent off at checkout right now.

This episode is also sponsored by The Rocky Mountain Games. Join us for an awesome test of hybrid fitness on June 23, 23 in Calgary!

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