Hybrid Fitness Men’s Rankings – June 2024

This month’s rankings: Introduction: In our continuing effort to rank the top athletes in the field of hybrid fitness, we present this month’s edition of the Hybrid Fitness Top 20....

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HYROX 2024 Elite Mixed Relay – World Championship Invitational

1st place: Team England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Team Members: Michael Sandbach, Kate Davey, Zara Piergianni, Jake WilliamsonFinish Time: 00:50:35 2nd place: Team United States 🇺🇸Team Members: Megan Jacoby, Lauren Rantala, Hunter Mcintyre,...

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2024 HYROX World Championship Women’s Results — Deep Dive Recap

It is impossible to discuss last weekend’s HYROX World Championship women’s race without first recapping the last 12 months of Meg and Lauren’s battle for supremacy in the women’s...

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DEKA FIT World Championships 2024

2024 DEKA World Championship Dates Ocala, Florida will host the 2024 event on December 13-15, 2024. 2024 DEKA World Championships Venue World Equestrian Center – 1750 NW 80th Ave,...

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HYROX Growth – United States

The New York City event marked the end of the 2023/2024 Season for @hyroxamerica. After the World Championships next week, we’ll dive into the more world wide growth analysis for @hyroxworld....

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2024 HYROX World Championship Prizes

Hyrox HQ has announced the prize money for this year’s Men’s and Women’s Elite Field. Qualified athletes received the following information about the $150,000 prize pool: 1st: $25,0002nd: $14,0003rd:...

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Kate Davey post HYROX Worlds/H20 Hybrid Games with Laura Gordon and Corinna Perkins

Kate Davey has shown consistent improvement throughout the year in HYROX races. She achieved a 6th place finish at the World Championships. Later that weekend, she won the Women’s...

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Hybrid Rankings – Hunter is 4th! Questionable DEKA Records. HYROX Australia/APAC Races Are Up Next!

Explore HYROX, DEKA FIT, and other hybrid fitness trends on the Hybrid Fitness Media Podcast. Join insightful discussions with athletes, event directors, and industry insiders for valuable information and...

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HYROX World Champs with Vivian Tafuto and Sandy Sandman Sandbach

The women’s 2024 HYROX World Champs is one we will never forget. Let’s go over Vivian’s 3rd place performance and what the heck happened at the end with the...

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