HYROX Growth – United States

The New York City event marked the end of the 2023/2024 Season for @hyroxamerica.

After the World Championships next week, we’ll dive into the more world wide growth analysis for @hyroxworld. For now, let’s discuss the US.

Back in 2019, several OCR athletes like @huntthesheriff, @the_rd_athlete@dr0p_the_hammer
@fayestenning_ocr, and others were hyped about a new event called HYROX that was going to be in Miami.

Shortly thereafter, there were events in New York and Chicago before Covid shut things down.

Fast forward to last weekend at Pier 76 and HYROX has become one of the fastest growing fitness brands in the United States. This most recent NYC event had 1,675 individual finishers and 3,933 total finishers.

The event attracted several high level CrossFit athletes and also got HYROX their most high profile finisher to date, Lance Armstrong.

HYROX also announced a deal with @pumatraining for apparel and footwear that will run through 2027.

There are currently 3 events scheduled later this fall in the US (plus one in Toronto). The rumor is up to 9 more cities will be added for North American for the 2024/2025 season.


1. HFM considers the first event after each World Championship to be the start of the new “season”

2. “Finisher numbers” do not account for athletes who may compete in multiple categories at the same event. This approach provides the most straightforward ‘apples to apples’ comparison.