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Matt B. Davis

Matt started a podcast about OCR for “fun and for free”  in June of 2012″ . 

In the years that followed, Obstacle Racing Media grew to become the industry leader for news, information, interviews, and insight about the world of OCR. 

Matt has been published in Runners World, Muscle and Fitness, Mens’ Health, and a bunch of other places. He’s also been hired as a commentator or consultant for every obstacle racing company in the industry.

Marcus Wallace

marcus wallace

Marcus grew up as a track and field athlete and then transitioned to American football in college. Marcus started a CrossFit gym in Milwaukee, WI in 2012. He has continued to own and operate that affiliate for 10+ years. 

With the emergence of hybrid fitness, he has found the perfect blend of strength and endurance. He will utilize his background as a History major to provide a more comprehensive view of the entire Hybrid Fitness scene.


Jason Feinstein

Jason Feinstein Hybrid Fitness Media

Jason is a Veteran of the US Navy, Fire & Emergency Services and a constant student of life. Learning and passing on knowledge is central in his beliefs as he has amassed over 10,000 teaching hours in the Fire, EMS and Fitness disciplines. 

He is active in his local veteran community as well as practicing what he preaches of not specializing in one thing. 

He’s been a CrossFit Affiliate since 2013 and in 2019 started a GORUCK club out of his gym that led him down the hybrid rabbit hole. 

He is a Hyrox Affiliate and Head Judge along with leadership roles at events such as the GORUCK Games, Rogue Invitational, CrossFit Games and Regionals and the Arnold Sports Festival.

Podcast Hosts

matt b. davis runs

Matt B. Davis
The Hybrid Fitness Media Show

Matt likes talking. He’s recorded well over a 1000 hours of podcasts and interviews.

Dylan Scott
The Hybrid Dive

Dylan (The Hybrid Raccon) is a hybrid fitness athlete coming from a small town South Carolina who got his start as a distance runner before finding his  way to Hyrox in 2021. 

When not on a bike, erg or running in the woods you’ll find him eating like an unattended 8 year old or between two headphones listening to a podcast. 

Dylan finished 2nd in the 2023 Hyrox North American Championships and has been to the Hyrox World Championship the last 3 years.

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