Hybrid Fitness Men’s Rankings – June 2024

This month’s rankings:

  1. Alex Roncevic
  2. Michael Sandbach
  3. James Kelly
  4. Hunter McIntyre
  5. Pelayo Menendez
  6. Graham Halliday
  7. Tobias Lautwein
  8. Ryan Kent
  9. Dylan Scott
  10. Ryan Schadegg
  11. Jonathan Wynn
  12. Beau Wills
  13. Tomas Tvrdik
  14. Colin Stiefer
  15. Rich Ryan
  16. Tim Wenisch
  17. Isaac Sanderson
  18. Kevin Gregory
  19. Sadig Elfitouri
  20. Lukas Storath

Introduction: In our continuing effort to rank the top athletes in the field of hybrid fitness, we present this month’s edition of the Hybrid Fitness Top 20.

Defining Hybrid Fitness: Hybrid fitness is a dynamic field, constantly evolving and shaped by athletes, fans, and media members. It defies exact science, with each voter applying their unique criteria.

Scoring System: To rank these athletes, we employ a points-based system. Athletes receive 20 points for a 1st place vote, 19 points for 2nd place, 18 points for 3rd, and so on. In case of tie scores, preference is given to the athlete with the highest vote on any individual list.

The panelists:

Jack Bauer and Rich RyanRace Brain.

Dave Claxton – OFX.

Anthony Peressini from The Hybrid Engine.

Matt B. Davis and Marcus Wallace from Hybrid Fitness Media.

Ian Kay – UKHXR.

Also receiving votes this month: Nick Ryker, Jarrett Newby, David Magida, Joffrey Voison, Eugenio Bianchi, Hidde Weersma, Glenn Racz, and Sean Noble.

This month’s women’s rankings can be found here.