HYROX Anaheim Preview and Live Stream 2024 Info

HYROX Live Stream – Where To Watch

We will have lots of content on our Instagram Channel.

The bad news is that there is no official live stream of the HYROX Men’s and Women’s Pro Heats on Sunday, May 19th.

HYROX has promised footage of the men’s and women’s races shortly after they end on their YouTube channel.

You can find tons of great HYROX, DEKA, and Hybrid Race content on Hybrid Fitness Media Youtube.

As far as HYROX Anaheim’s Last Chance Qualifier goes, it will be on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

The men will go off at 5:10 pm local time PST. The women will start approximately 60 minutes later.

Here are the time zones for the rest of the world.

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 8:10 PM EST (same day)
  • England (BST): 1:10 AM BST (next day)
  • Germany (CEST): 2:10 AM CEST (next day)
  • Middle East (Dubai – GST): 4:10 AM GST (next day)
  • Australia: AEST (Sydney): 10:10 AM AEST (next day), AWST (Perth): 8:10 AM AWST (next day)

HYROX Live Stream – Women’s Preview:

The Last Chance Qualifier in Anaheim will give 4 women their entry into the @hyroxworld Champs in Nice.

We have been in contact with all of the potential athletes who could earn a spot.

We will list who we have confirmed are going as of press time. We will also list the number of solo HYROX they have done and their fastest finishes.

Last, we will include women we have confirmed are not racing at press time.

Here who is in, in alphabetical order.

1. Arvella, Petra – 8 races, 1:07:55
2. Bevilacqua, Amy – 5 races, 1:05:49
3. Duke, Kate – 1st HYROX
4. Fecik, Maria – 9 races, 1:05:11
5. Hardes, Antje – 10 races, 1:05:10
6. Massa, Camilla – 21 races, 1:02:54
7. Rantala, Lauren – 9 races, 1:07:41
8. Schulz, Morgan – 6 races, 1:05:40
9. Simonson, Kayti – 9 races, 1:07:30
10. Wells, Sydney – 1st HYROX

Here are the women of note who are not racing:

Arning, Seka
Eramo, Kristi
Kremer, Jezabel
Naether, Rebecca
Nikolaus, Jennifer
Schürer, Alice
Jackson, Terra
Willnow, Alina
Wopat, Carly

Stay tuned for the live link we will be posting later today. We plan on airing the men’s and women’s pro races on YouTube.

Shout out @hyresult for all the stats!

HYROX Live Stream – Men’s Preview:

Coming soon.