2024 HYROX World Championship Prizes

Hyrox HQ has announced the prize money for this year’s Men’s and Women’s Elite Field. Qualified athletes received the following information about the $150,000 prize pool:

1st: $25,000
2nd: $14,000
3rd: $8,500
4th: $5,000
5th: $4,000
6th-7th: $2,500
8th-10th: $2,000
11th-15th: $1,500

Last year, the first-place winners in both the men’s and women’s categories received $19,000 each. The prize money was awarded to the top 8 places, with a total payout of $85,000.

Regarding the World Championship Elite 15 roll-downs, athletes were informed:

“If an athlete drops out, the roll-down spot will go to the next athlete in line from the race where the original athlete qualified. For example, if Rebecca Mason, who qualified 5th at the Stockholm Major, cancels her attendance, the next athlete in line, Alina Willnow (6th in Stockholm), will receive the roll-down spot. This process will continue until an athlete confirms. The same pattern applies to athletes who qualified at the LCQ races.”