HYROX Cologne Last Chance Qualifier Men’s Preview

With only one spot on the line for the men in Cologne the battle for one of the last qualifying spots for this year’s World Championships in Nice will be intense. Outside of World Championships and the Major races, there has never been a deeper field.

Here are a few fun facts to showcase the quality of this lineup:

Four of the top 8 finishers from last year’s World Championships are on the start list. That includes last year’s bronze medalist Tobias Lautwein, as well as Jon Wynn, Florian Gast, and James Kelly.

Twelve of the men in the field have competed in at least one of the Major races this season. James Kelly came the closest to qualifying at a Major, missing out by only 7 seconds in Stockholm.

The vaunted sub-60 minute HYROX time would once nearly guarantee a spot at the World Championships. This field alone has 19 men who have achieved that feat.

With the only qualifying spot being first place it pays to have winning experience. 10 men in the field have won at least one HYROX race this season. James Kelly, Eugenio Bianchi and Harry Thompson have all won twice.

In a race that could come down to the last station here are some of the fastest Wall Ball times: Joffrey Voisin (3:21), Jon Wynn (3:37) and Eugenio Bianchi (3:41).

This could be anyone’s race. So, we must ask: who do you think will take it?