2024 CROSSFIT Open – Hybrid Athlete Leaderboard

Rich Ryan of @rmr.training crafted a bespoke leaderboard for this year’s CROSSFIT Open, showcasing 31 hybrid fitness athletes.

The top woman is Mirjam Von Rohr by a long mile. Mirjam finished 2nd in the entire world in The Open by winning 24.1 and finishing 2nd in 24.3.

Next on the hybrid leaderboard was HYROX World Champ Lauren Weeks. Lauren’s best finish was a 61st place worldwide in 24.1.

Kelly Sully claimed the third spot with her most notable performance in event 24.1, completing it in 7 minutes and 52 seconds.

On the men’s side, Isaiah, last year’s Battle Bunker champion, made his mark. He placed 44th among all male competitors in the North America West Region in this year’s Open.

The competition for second and third place was a close contest between Jake GIbbs and Beau Wills. Beau edged out Gibbs by 15 seconds in event 24.1. However, Gibbs outperformed by securing 10 additional reps in event 24.2 and completing 10 rounds in event 24.3, which ultimately placed him ahead.

You can view the entire leaderboard here.