HYROX Birmingham – Fall 2023 Results

On Saturday, Birmingham hosted the largest single-day event in HYROX’s history, boasting a total of 5,032 finishers. To date, the only event surpassing this number was the two-day event in London the previous year, which had 6,270 participants*.

Below is an analysis of the attendance growth for the Birmingham event over the past three years.


YearCityMen ProMen OpenWomen ProWomen OpenIndividual Total





*For our calculation of finishers, we include all statistics from doubles and relays. Hence, 144 doubles results translate to 288 finishers. We acknowledge that some participants in these doubles and relay events might also have individual results. Nonetheless, this methodology ensures a consistent comparison across all HYROX events.

**Relay not broken up in genders until 2023

Women’s Pro Race

We knew there would be a battle for the podium on Saturday in Birmingham as several HYROX veterans took to the women’s field. We were not disappointed. Kate had over a one-minute lead after the burpee broad jumps and did not look back. Jade pushed hard and was comfortably in 2nd from then on out, but the battle for that final podium spot was not decided until the very end. Chiara and Shaunie were externally close and Chiara got to the wall balls first. Shaunie made it count at that final station however finishing in 4 minutes flat, while Chiara’s wall balls were 5:23.

Another athlete to be on the lookout for is Jodie Digby. She had the fastest run lap at 2:57, the 5th fastest run total at 33:47, was 6th in BBJ, and 8th in the lunges. Her sled pull took 11 and a half minutes, however, causing her an overall 6th place finish with a high 1:19.

🥇 @precisiongolfkate 🇬🇧 1.08.50
🥈 @jade_skillen_performance_coach 🇬🇧 1.11.41
🥉 @shaunie_gwen 🇬🇧 1.15.17

You can watch the Women’s Pro Heat on our YouTube channel.

Men’s Pro Race

In the men’s race, participants competed across four distinct waves, resulting in several sub-competitions within the overarching contest.

During the 9:10 wave, professional footballers Sadiq Elfitouri and OCR veteran, Mark Lynch vied for top positions, ultimately securing 1st and 3rd place respectively.

Earlier, in the 8:40 wave, Adam Corlett of Warrington was the first to finish. His impressive timing not only won him his age group but also secured him the second-place overall.

🥇 Sadiq Elfitouri 🇱🇾 1.01.04
🥈 Adam Corlett 🇬🇧 1.01.27
🥉 Mark Lynch 🇬🇧 1.02.03

Additional Highlights

HYROX world champion and current individual record holder, Hunter McIntyre, is set on breaking some additional records this year. Collaborating with Jon Wynn, he aimed to surpass the Men’s Doubles world record set by Michael Sandbach and Tim Wenisch in Amsterdam last year with a time of 48:52. Highlights of the attempt can be viewed in the clip below.

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For the first time ever, HYROX held its first-ever Open Relay Championships which included prize money for 1st place.

$1,000 was given away to the fastest relay teams.

Pieter Maes, Thierry Willigenburg, Vince Vander Elst, and Tom Franssens won the men’s relay in 50:56.

Katrin Hulme, Ruth Casey, Alice Wheater, and Kate Millward won for the women with a time of 59:59.

Sam Bilbie, Kate Davey, Paul Gillingham, and Ciaran Parkinson took home the mixed relay in 53:33