Hyrox Meets With Athletes For Proposed Changes To 23/24 Season

Hyrox invited all men and women who qualified for the Elite 15 in Manchester to an informal meeting last Thursday. The purpose was to go over some proposed changes...

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2023 Hyrox World Championship Men’s Results

2023 HYROX World Championships Men’s Results: The HYROX season started with the defending champion in retirement. But, he couldn’t stay away for long. He set a world record in...

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2023 Hyrox World Championship Women’s Results

Hyrox World Championship Elite 15 Women The American women took over Machester at the HYROX World Championships taking places one through four. Many expected it to be a race...

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2023 DEKAFIT World Championships

DEKA, otherwise known as The Decathlon of Functional Fitness, will have its 2nd ever World Championships in Dallas Texas on December 1-3, 2023. The 2023 DEKA World Championships will...

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How to Watch the HYROX World Championships 2023 Live

This article will give you information on the 2023 Hyrox World Championships and also how you can watch the stream live. The HYROX World Championships will crown the top...

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2023 Hyrox Elite 15 World Championship Women’s Preview

*** Want to let us know your predictions? Go check out our prediction contest. The women’s Elite 15 race will kick off a weekend of HYROX festivities at 7 pm...

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Dylan Scott & Austin Azar

Dylan Scott comes on the show to talk about winning the most recent HYROX event in Malmo Sweden. He also lets us know his thoughts on our top 20...

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Ultimate Alpha Warrior and Camp Gladiator Games

Alpha Warrior is putting on a team competition next weekend which combines obstacles, strength, and endurance, Witness two teams of six, including three men and three women, battling it...

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Rich Ryan – HYROX Spain Breakdown

Rich is back and we cover his entire Madrid experience. From the time his plane landed and then through each station at his latest HYROX. We also continue our...

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