HYROX Munich – Fall 2023 Preview

The first German HYROX of the year takes place this Saturday in Munich. It will be a great day of racing with many top German athletes competing in multiple race formats. 

In the women’s race, there are two women looking to find their way into the Elite 15. Jezebel Kremer currently sits in 16th place and Kate Davey sits in 20th. With a strong showing both women could move up a few spots. 

On the men’s side, Peter Schiller and James Kelly are ranked 12th and 13th respectively. With only 15 seconds separating their fastest times, it should come down to the final station. Challenging them will be Jannik Czapla. He has a PR of 59:05 from last season in Hannover and will need to improve upon that to bump into the Elite 15.

Stay tuned until the end of the day when the relays kick off as two World Records could likely fall. Florian Gast, Tim Wenisch, Martin Michelius, and Clemens Scherbel will challenge the current WR of 52:50 for the Men’s Relay. A super team of Linda Meier, Beatrice Ardelt, Antje Hardes, and Viola Oberlander look primed to drop the women’s relay record of 1:02:30 significantly. 

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